Commercial : The Impact of Imagery

Beautiful bites at Waypoint Seafood & Grill

We’ve had the privilege of working with some really terrific professional clients. Folks who are growing their business and using imagery to help them get there – imagery that effectively tells their story, advances their brand, and incites customers to buy.

For them, professional photography is an investment with a very real return.

They know the the value of getting the “right” image and what it can do for them.

For the photographer, many elements come together and drive what we do, how we do it, and who will we be partnering with to create the client’s final deliverable.

It’s a process that starts with getting to know our client and understanding their big-picture goal. Who is the audience? How are they being reached? What is the message the image needs to convey? What is the client “selling”?

Speaking of partners, it’s often a team effort. Lately we’ve teamed up with a number of amazing and talented vendors – including hair stylists and makeup artists, media and PR firms, and personal coaches – to make it easier for clients to meet their objectives.

We really enjoy every step of the process, from the initial consult, to session prep, to the actual shoot, to post processing, to image selection. And then we’re proud to see our finished work on a billboard or menu, in a feature article of a high-circulation magazine, on the comp card for a young actor, or on the landing page of a corporate website.

What we’re most proud of though, is earning our clients’ trust and knowing that we’re making a difference for them.

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