In Honor of the Dads

Dad With Child

I’m thinking about my Dad today.

Actually, I think about him every day (not just now because Father’s Day is this weekend or because I have the honor of being surrounded by so many incredible Dads during family portrait sessions).

My Dad and I have a really close relationship. We live right next door to each other. And by right next door I mean we walk across the field between our homes and share meals most nights of the week.

Because of all that quality time I get with him as an adult, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of solid Dad advice. Among the top things he’s taught me? Follow my dreams. That’s led to Sara Harris Photography and capturing the smiles, laughs and love of Dads and their families.

All of that photographing of Dads has taught me a few things about life. About Dads. About the importance of capturing them and their love for their children in imagery.

Don’t Let Moments Pass You By

Life moves quickly. Really quickly. Over the years photographing families I’ve noticed most think only about having the big moments captured.

The engagements. The weddings. The first days of life.

They all should be captured, but so should everything else.

After awhile, it’s easy to find the extraordinary more and more ordinary if we aren’t reminding ourselves of its beauty. Call me biased, but photographs do that—they capture the ordinary and make it a little more special.

Get some family pictures done randomly one spring. Not because there’s a special event. But just because of the day and that moment in time

Get Dad In The Frame

It’s true. Moms usually set up photo sessions. And Dads will go along. But they should also play a major part of the scene.

Some of my very favorite moments to capture are with Dads.

I love the belly laugh a little one erupts into when Dad tosses them into the air. Or the love you can feel literally through the lens when a Dad and their son put their arms around each other, forgetting to look manly. Or the way any little girl can make their dad melt just by looking up into his eyes.

Let Your Guard Down

I love capturing moments in this way. What do I mean? I like to create imagery in a less posed and less of the traditional look-at-the-camera-and-smile-in-a-pristine-environment.

This is the way to shape a photograph to be really expressive, to show the essence of the relationships between family members.

And to do that you have to let your guard down and just be.

Make The Time To Make The Memories

Many modern families have Dads who work crazy hours and share the life responsibilities of shuffling kids to school, sports practices, outings with friends. You name it. My husband (and father of our two wonderful boys) is among them.

But you still have to make time to celebrate life in between the appointments.

Pictures are a way to capture that celebration.

Portrait with Dad and Children


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