On the other side of the camera! The Hampton Roads Show

Last week I was invited to appear on The Hampton Roads Show, a popular lifestyle morning show running on my local NBC affiliate. And while I might have had some (a lot) pre-show butterflies, it was a super fun experience. Watch the segment here (or read the transcript below)…

I was there to share tips on how people can take better family photos and to provide some creative ideas for how those photos can be shared and celebrated. (You can find links to the featured products below!)

Of course, these are topics that are near and dear to my heart. But what was most impactful for me was how my tips resonated with some of other show guests in the green room, and even the show hosts themselves “off camera.”


Reminding folks of the power of the self-timer – a feature now built into the camera apps on most phones – was a real “aha” moment, which I reinforced with a before/after photo example from our recent family trip to the Bahamas. (A picture snapped by a well-intentioned stranger vs. one taken with my self-timer.) By using the self-timer and creatively propping up your camera or smartphone against a chair, it’s super easy for the moms out there to get themselves into the picture.


And selfies turn out better using the self-timer as well, which happens to go with my most important tip – just have fun!

I brought in some of my favorite product samples that are available to the public from some great vendors

Gorgeous, easy-to-create albums and square prints from Artifact Uprising (LOVE THEM!)


From Pinhole Press, smart hostess gift ideas in the form of wine labels & coasters


memory games & notepads


And gorgeous custom holiday cards from Arboreal Paper.


We wanted to remind people that there really are a lot of beautifully creative things that you can do around the holidays with your favorite imagery – both from your friendly neighborhood professional photographer and also your own smartphone.

Being on the show and sharing my passion was a great experience with some great people. I look forward to doing it again!


Transcript from the show ….

HAMPTON ROADS SHOW (HRS): As you get ready for the family to come together
for the holiday season, you’ll want to have your camera ready. Joining us now is
professional photographer, Sara Harris. She has some great ideas on how to get better
photos of family and how those pictures can make great gifts.

HRS: I was just telling you, I’ve had some trouble trying to get great photos with my
family, but what tips can you offer trying to do that?

SARA HARRIS: Well, first thing, the most important thing, really, is to have fun. And
realize that you think your family is perfect and you want it to be the perfect picture, but
really, the most important thing is just to take the picture and have everyone in it.
Especially the moms, I know we always seem to be the people behind the camera and
we’re never in the photograph, so what I was going to talk about is a way to get yourself
in the photograph if you don’t have a professional photographer with you.

SARA HARRIS: The iPhones these days and a lot of the Android phones have
self-timers right on the phone and it’s really easy to go outside, prop it up somewhere, set
the timer for 10 seconds, find a place for you in the picture and just go for it.

HRS: That’s true, that’s the good thing about these phones, we can take pictures by
ourselves and set it up like you said. Probably have to figure out some angles and things
like that.

SARA HARRIS: Exactly…and the best times of the day, which is the golden hour. A lot
of people think that when the sky is blue and the sun is out, that’s the best time to take a
photo, and really, it’s not at all the best time to take a photo. The best time is the golden
hour like I was talking about. Next week that’s going to be right around 4 o’clock, the sun
goes down at 4:50. It’s that nice, beautiful golden light.

HRS: Alright, so you have some pictures that you brought—a before and after.

SARA HARRIS: I did, I did. And I know a lot of the times during the holidays we do on
vacations. I was on vacation with my family this summer and that was the before, and
this was when I set it up with a self-timer.

The before shot is when those nice strangers that come by and they’re like “oh let me take
you’re camera and do that for you.” And you’re like “alright, here you go,” and the
horizon is like this and they’re well intentioned. But really, I grabbed a beach chair and
propped my camera on it, put a purse behind it, and we sat down in the sand and got this
really special photo.

HRS: What a solution, the self-timer then you just got everyone to smile and look into
the camera and nobody blinked.

Let’s move on because you said photos make great gifts.

SARA HARRIS: They do make great gifts. They make great stocking stuffers, they
make great hostess gifts. These are the cutest wine labels from Pinhole Press, you can
upload a picture of yourself, the place where you’re going, maybe the host family, and
they a make great hostess gift. There’s coasters which also make great gifts. There’s these
really, super cute albums right here. A lot of vendors have them. These are from Artifact
Uprising, you can upload them right from your Instagram feed and they’re gorgeous

Stick a photo right on the gift.

HRS: Well there you go, these are some great ideas. I’m a little bit more encouraged to
go out and tackle the family photo.

Sara Harris Photography.

You can find out more about her and get in touch at saraharrisphotography.com. Also give
her a call at 757.598.2104. Thanks for stopping by today!

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